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Originally Posted by Mazarine33 View Post
Oh My God. Going a matter of days, a week, 10 days without power and people are losing their minds? Holy ****.

Reading that article, the publishers should be horsewhipped for fostering so much fear in people. Its like they take pleasure in terrorizing people. That article drips with malicious glee behind the fake oh so sensitive facade.

I can recount going not days but weeks or months without electricity during the hot late summer from hurricanes. And ya I'm still here. Did not freak or **** my pants and was not afraid. I could clearly see what needed to be done and figured out ways to do it. Maybe not the best or easiest ways but I got them done.

The constant harping on fear fear fear. People need to have the **** slapped out of them and told to get a grip. Fear is the biggest enemy a person can face. To become paralyzed by it and what might happen is stupid. Sorry but ya it's stupid.

Please pardon my lack of sympathy and harsh tone. Millions of people do without all over the planet and they're not filled with terror. Holy ****.