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Originally Posted by Christian View Post
This thread started out as the best on the forum, but gradually devolved into the same people posting over and over and over, without them ever realizing that their credibility is gone. Such a shame for such a worthy thread. I have, however, modified my views on many of the subjects. UFOs unquestionably exist. Just too many credible videos and sightings from respectable normal people to astronauts to write them off as all fakes. Bigfoot? I could believe in the possibility of a few large hairy ape-like creatures, especially in the far north woods. However, the TOTAL absence of any live captures, dead bodies, or even just 8 foot+ skeletons just won't let my brain believe. Demons? As a Christian I certainly believe in demons due to numerous biblical accounts of them. Christ in his journeys cast them out in lotsa places. And it doesn't seem likely that they would all choose to hang out in Israel. I just don't know much about their practical limitations in this world. Ghosts? Although I couldn't see him allowing the lost that privilege, maybe the Lord allows the righteous dead to linger a while if they choose. I could also believe the "time shift" theory of weak spots in the space-time fabric briefly permitting inconsequential mixing of past events touching the present. Certainly there is much more to the universe than we know.

But when I go deep into the woods what do I really fear?
In numerical order:

#4 Mountain Lions. Officially none in WV, but those game cameras in KY?
#3 Bears. A big black bear could make me his supper if I didn't carry a 454 Casull Magnum revolver loaded with six 360 grain solids. Able to make big holes completely through any living thing in America. Low odds, though.
#2 Snakes. Copperheads and timber rattlers. Everywhere. Creepy. I carry a double barrel shotgun for them (not to mention the bears). and finally...
#1 Evil people habitating the deep woods who would sneak up on innocents and murder them. Whether ragged insane types who perpetually shun human contact (see my Hunky John story!), or just marginally sociable uncaught psychopaths who like to wander the woods and when opportunity permits play out their fantasies. That's what scares me the most. I comfort myself in Psalms 23, and the thought that armed as I am, if I stay alert, I am likely the deadliest creature in the woods.
I worry about the biggest killers: gravity and exposure.
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