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Originally Posted by Paravani View Post
Or maybe they don't want him talking about the hokey numbers that are coming out now that he's no longer in charge.

I find it curious indeed that over the past few weeks the infection rate has dropped by at least 30%, but the mortality rate has risen to 80%!

Could it be that the most of the Ebola cases they are reporting are the ones they must report, because they're dead?

Or has the disease suddenly become overwhelmingly virulent, in spite of advances in treatment?

Keep watch and stay safe.
Aside from the obvious potential of a biased government and reporting system...

I suspect the real reason is there's a breakdown between the at risk population and the government. The people who were possibly infected do not trust the health system and are not self reporting early on, and are instead waiting for later symptoms or death.

The infections are a leading indicator to deaths. Assume no change to the ratio, if those who survive the illness never reported it, then, today's deaths are / by exposure 3 weeks the total infected at that time - those who declined to self reported.

Deaths will always be reported; illness won't.
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