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My EDC lights is a Streamlight Polytac. I have several now & really like them.

They now make a rechargeable & "Duel Fuel" version, along with some other variations.

I have a Gerber Omnivore on my shotgun, but they quit making it, too bad I really like it, lots of battery options too.

I have a lot of MagLite D-cell lights, mostly 3 cell, but a couple 4 cell & one 6 Cell I've had since the early-mid 80's. I also have a few smaller mini & solitaire lights too. I also buy those packs of cheap ones you see at wal-mart or hardware stores etc. where there's a pack of 10 or 12 lights for about $12-$15. I throw them in drawers, hang them on hooks etc. Even those cheap ones I usually end up losing them instead of them stop working. I've got a few of them that have been around for at least 10 years now too. I've tried surefires, I call them ****fire, cause they are flaming crap. Won't ever buy another ****fire flashlight, either streamlight or maglite for the heavy lifting.

Also you're generally going to want different lights for different things. You'll probably want a different light for EDC than you have mounted to a pistol & another different light for the tool kit in your car.
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