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Originally Posted by Lagnar View Post
Here's what wikipedia has to say:

Here's a review on Brave from March of this year:

Dissenter is a fork of Brave.

So I just installed Dissenter. It asked to import bookmarks from the "Old version" which turns out was Brave. It looks just like Brave with the same setup tab, ad blocking, cookies, scripts, etc.

I'm going to check it out. Thanks!


Okay, it's just like Brave except it allows you to comment on any website if you first create an account with Dissenter and log in. Not sure I want to comment on a bunch of websites but I'll use it for a while and see if I like it.

Very fast, just like Brave.


Went to Gateway Pundit with Dissenter. Bunch of ads down the right side. None with Brave.

Edit 7/19

I removed Dissenter. No advantage over Brave for me at least. Somehow it managed to turn on javascript blocking which disabled the SB toolbar for posting. Took me a while to find the problem.
Thanks for this post. I've been having issues downloading pictures and other data to SB. Also, I used to open links directly from my email but Dissenter doesn't allow me to open links directly. I have to open a private window no matter what the link is. This is bothersome so I may give Brave a try.
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