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Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
Not bad as a booboo bag for a trip to the soccer field. The only thing on the list that actually is required/needed is moleskin the rest are comfort materials for Buffy's owie. What are you going to do for an actual INJURY/wound? Get a SOFT-T tourniquet and wound packing material. "Improvising" here is planning for failure. The belt/stick is well established and not working.

Pass on the CAT. Weak sister to the SOFT-T
I could also say moleskin is for those not used to distance backpacking. This is a kit for camping and backpacking; not combat. Unless you're backpacking over here with me in Afghanistan, there is really no need to haul around a CAT. Sure, I keep a few in the truck, but not for distance backpacking; it's extremely low on the risk meter and every fantasy SHTF contingency you want to carry on your back is extra weight you just don't need. I'll stick with "hike your how hike", so if you want to pack a SOF-T or two, knock yourself out, but to suggest everyone needs one for recreational backpacking simply shows how little you actually backpack. For recreational backpacking with proper planning and preparation, there really is almost a zero percent chance need of a tourniquet. If you feel strongly enough to need one, it's a very personal choice. If end up needing one, chances are you made a significant mistake, made a stupid or risky decision, or you're extremely accident prone.

CATs are great for combat kits, duty kits, hunting kits, and in the vehicle. I don't carry one for backpacking, but I carry four on my kit here in Afghanistan...match the environment and activity to the kit choices.