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Originally Posted by benson56 View Post

So Houston's influx of California refugees is already taking ahold. $197 million budget shortfall.
3600 firefighters is still a lot of manpower.

how many fires does Houston have regularly?

How does the 10% reduction effect their ability to fight fires?

Critically examining the issue though, it doesn't relate to refugees create shortfall. OP is probably just a closet racist.

The city voted to raise firefighters salaries, and as a result has layed off 10% of them due to the salary increases.

Simple math here, if you want to raise city workers incomes you got to raise city taxes. You can't raise salaries and not raise taxes unless you reduce the workforce.

Simple concept.

The addition of some idea of "refugees" from California, to explain a shortfall, actually relates to the city not raising taxes but raising salary levels of city workers.

Your assessment is nonsense.

Also immigration from another US state isn't refugees, the word association game there shows contempt for other Americans of being refugees in their own country. Maybe you didn't notice California is overpopulated.

The sheer implication that 1000 refugees per year relocating to a city of 2 and a half million people is breaking the bank, or that these refugees aren't contributing to the economy in Houston, and are all unemployed is a bit of a stretch.

True a quarter of houstons population was born outside the US but that is not to say that this is new or happened overnight so would not explain how a shortfall happened just this year. Again, closet racism and xenophobia.

I get it. Please look into the growth of the first generation americans in Houston before you say they caused the deficit, look at employment figures for first generation americans. The premise that these people don't work or contribute to the economy is pretty bad. The refugee population is really small. If you can go back 40 years at 1000 per year this gets to the number you are looking for, it does add up but you can't say that this years deficit was caused by refugees. About 1/3rd of the US population is first or second genereation americans. Houston is above average but linking that to a budget shortfall doesn't take into consideration other cities that have budget shortfalls. Take Detroit for example, people were moving out of there in droves.

Now it is true they have higher unemployment rate than non first and second generation Americans but that is because they are still a little alien, have bad English and may hbe employment barriers due to qualifications not directly transferring. Still well over 8 in 10 first and second generation americans are employed contributing to the economy. Stereotyping the majority for a very small minority isn't all that useful.

You are going to need to put down to demonstrate that point.

Even if you were to give all the new refugees for the year $40,000 annual salaries at taxpayer expense that is still 40 million, and that doesn't explain your deficit.

Totally does not reflect the situation in texas to claim handouts by the city are causing a 200 million deficit just pure nonsense