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That's the easiest way to cut the pension system. It's cheaper in the long run not to have the pension liability and to use better truck technology (many cities are finding this out with park upkeep by buying huge expensive mowers that don't get paid pensions, cost less long term, show up to work everyday, and don't get paid over the winter). It's not like that hasn't gotten better in the centuries since they needed extra people to work the bucket brigade. Around 67% of firemen in the US are volunteers anyway.

There were an estimated 29,727 fire departments in 2015 (all career: 9 percent; mostly career: 6 percent; mostly volunteer: 18 percent; all volunteer: 67 percent).
House fires continue to decline on average year after year. Changes in eating out instead of home cooking, less smoking, less heating with wood, etc.. Still, cooking accounts for 50 percent of house fires and 30 percent of non-residential fires.

The fire departments spend too much energy responding to non fire calls anyway. They end up at almost every 911 call here, the police and EMS take care of it, and then they go back and wash the truck again.

How are the firemen being used down there? Hurricane evacuations, flood control, EMS, car accidents, ….? Maybe some of those jobs don't need to be done by union members who's main purpose is to keep fires from spreading to nearby structures.

When your house catches on fire, they are showing up to make sure it doesn't spread to other structures. Because if saving your house and possessions were the goal, they wouldn't dump 10s of thousands of gallons of water on them. Everyone I know that had a small house fire put out by the fire department needed to gut the home and rebuild it due to the water damage caused by cutting a hole in the roof and dumping enough water through to fill the basement 4" to 6" deep.

The mayor here just went through a round of union negotiations with the fire fighters. Even though the city budget is typically in the black over the last decade, the fire department and police department are typically over budget and operate in the red.
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