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In my video, the pellet was 81 grains with a muzzle velocity of 900fps. I can’t say what they were using in the Benjamin Bulldog video.

The gun in my video is my buddy’s gun I sold him after I bought it refurbished and rebuilt it. My personal airgun hunting rigs for whitetails is a .308 that shoots a 98 grain hollowpoint at 950fps, a .45 that shoots a 218 gr hp at 830fps, and a .300 that shoots a 60 gr hp at 930fps. I don’t have any videos yet for those guns. I don’t currently own a .357 like I used in the videk. I also have a .300 carbine that will shoot a 45 gr pellet at 860fps on its current settings for 60 or so full powered shots. But that gun is probably best used for brain shots only.