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Originally Posted by dontbuypotteryfromme View Post
I am pretty sure my life expectancy is going to beat that of a primitive man.

So I would have more right to life. Rather than less.
Specious comparison, medical care, iPhones and Netflix do not have anything to do with rights. To assert otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies and personally, I would not want to live in their "free society" with the Yakuza and their police who extract 99% of their convictions through confessions, no thanks.

I'm sorry you're mad, no one likes being told their country sucks and that you are living in a dream world, if you believe the state of affairs in Australia is not an infringement on your God given rights, that in and of itself is troubling.

I have known many Aussie in my life, the WW2 vets were first rate, awesome guys, real tough and great sense of humor, although Australia's seem to lack an understanding of sarcasm for some reason.

The children and the grandchildren of these men, on the other hand displayed a dependant, victim mentality and a 100% trust of government. Even those who questioned government decisions, never questioned the motives of their leaders. Resistance and disobedience was not even thought of by them.

New Zealanders are worse, the U.N. has used them as a sort of globalist laboratory and they are willing to accept whatever they are told to do.

Very, Very Sad. I'm sure some still have their pride and sense of individuality, but the state is doing a good job of marginalizing these folks, as there are not many left.
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