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Originally Posted by preperguy View Post
Last time I hiked I learned I needed more water. I found out inflatable pads and pillows are uncomfortable. I prefer a roll up pad. I didn't take one because I couldn't tie both a bag and a pad to my pack. I need a better pack. My sleeping bag fell off and down a small cliff. Luckily I was able to go down and get it. Need a better way to tie it down. I need more water.
Each of us has our own priorities, but some seem to be more like back packing than BOB type of gear. For example, my "sleep" system, is a light tarp(poncho), SOL Bivy sack+fleece. Minimal clothing--essentials for fire/water, defense. Also multi tasking like a poncho--which gives warmth, rain protection, ground cloth/shade etc is more practical than purposed items.

But sleeping bags, roll up/inflatable pads/pillows are not in what I would consider for a BOB. The lighter the better! The more mobile the better. The more you blend in (Gray man) the better...High energy food/water are going to be essential. In many cases, movement at night may be better, and rest during the day.
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