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Default Time of day to move around?

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This is something that I keep thinking about from time to time and I've never been able to come up with a clear answer.

Post SHTF, IF you find yourself having to travel is there a certain time of day that is objectively better to do it in?

Say your getting home, or out foraging, or maybe just scouting to gather info.

What time of day do you travel and what time do you hole up?

Move at night and your harder to see....but of course that works both ways. Much easier to get lost, run into an ambush and harder to find whatever you are looking for. If you have to use a flashlight or headlights you become visible for miles around. It also seems your more likely to get shot on sight at night than the day by other travelers.

During the day your easy to spot, far more people are awake and moving around, but you can also see them further out, navigate better, search for supplies and out past a half mile or so your invisible to the naked eye. You could drive though an area and maybe you would be heard but you wouldn't show up for miles away like you would at night with headlights.

And what about sleep? Sleep during the day and you can just hole up during the time when most other people are active so perhaps be harder to find...sleep at night though and there would be less chance of someone stumbling on your camp.

Or you could go crepuscular, move only at dawn and or dusk...some natural light but still lots of shadows..but only a couple narrow windows a day.

Obviously there are a ton of factors that could go into deciding what time of day to be active but are there any general rules about movement timing that someone could put in their SOP to help figure this out? Is it better to be able to see or to not be seen?
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