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Originally Posted by AKSurveyor View Post
I buy up as much as possible, but lately it has been Impossible to even find any! I have 2,000 rounds of .22, but would like to get some stingers or other high velocity .22. Cabela's won't ship to Alaska, neither does "Cheap as Dirt" so I would assume no one else does either. Bummer about .22lr is they are reloadable! It's a pain. Plenty of 5.56 and 7.62 as well as 12 ga. Almost all of the .410 is the 2-1/2" (for the Judge and similar) but I need 3" to feed the Saiga, Guess I can take the #6 and dump the pellets out and load it up with nails or something!!
After the way Cheaper then dirt did all there dirty deeds you still shop with them? That right there is why America has fallen. People who don't support good companies and shop with the dirtbag ones. I will never do business with cheaper then dirt ever again. I don't like theifs.
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