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Originally Posted by Jtarpley131 View Post
I originally had this in the first aid section but didn't really get any feedback so I'm moving it here to see if that helps!

I've made two first aid kits which are identical, one is in my car and one is in my house. Here's what I have in them:

2 Instant cold packs
100 alcohol prep wipes
10 packets burn free gel
10 soothe sting wipes
1 tube neosporin
1 tube hydrocortisone cream
6 caplets anti-diarrhea meds
36 Benadryl caplets
20 (500 mg) acetaminophen caplets
50 Ibuprofen caplets
1 (4.5in x 4.1yds) roll gauze
1 roll waterproof tape
40 cotton balls
20 standard size band-aids
20 butterfly closures
1 ace bandage
10 Q-tips
1 travel size Vaseline
50 waterproof matches
Small flashlight

So help me out and let me know what you think please! Tell me if this is good for now and what would improve it. Thanks!
Think I might through in a tube of super glue to close up cuts. Used this myself and it works well