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I don't know what they used but if they soaked the strips in it, it was probably the actual oil from several plants rather than something that occurs naturally in the final form. Otherwise there would be greenery around their necks.

I grow plenty of stuff that repels mosquitoes. If you don't want to go to the bother of creating the essential oils from stuff (I don't because it's a huge pain) you can just plant these (and use them in cooking too) and then run your hands through them and then rub your hands over the areas you want to block.

Mother Earth News can get pretty political, but some of their homesteading stuff is just too useful to ignore. This article outlines the same plants I use.

How effective is it? Well, I live with part of my property on the tidally influenced wetlands, which means water perfect for mosquito breeding. I got lots of skeeters. Not even DEET slathered on like frosting will completely work. But this works almost just as well as spraying on some regular deet off when it is full daylight. In shade or near dusk, nothing works.

If you want more potency, you can buy the essential oils and create your own spray too. That works a little bit better.

Of course, you might smell a bit like a salad....
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