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Originally Posted by Justme11 View Post
Also an old cell phone on a data only plan would still be a great tool for you to have.
Not just for the camera, but for all the many features and APPs on these devices.

GPS, maps.
Instant messager (perhaps they need a phone number though)
language translator
just a place to write notes back and forth on.
It has speech recognition that will print out text for you to read. (albeit with some errors). So someone can talk to your phone and a moment later you can read what they said.
CHeck prices on shopping items
Get the news and weather
weather alerts that vibrate the phone.
Look at home security camera and get motion alerts.
Shopping list
to do list
keeping model numbers and codes stored securely. (there are encrypted data vault apps
games like crossword puzzles and chess to pass the time when waiting at the doctor or dentist.

It will help connect you better to others which I assume is helpful when afflicted with a condition that tends to disconnect you
I'm going to learn all THAT
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