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Originally Posted by kev View Post
Does your stomach get upset a lot? That sure is a lot of pepto.

Instead of pouring a bunch of pills into bag, wouldn't single packets be better? When you reach into the bag to grab a couple of pills, isn't there a chance of contamination?
Lots of pepto. Yup. Figure if I dont need it somebody else will. Plus I have room for it, and with the little amount of weight/space it takes up, its unlikely I will put something else in the same spot. So why not?

Single packets are good as far as cleanliness goes. But at your home in your medicine cabinet, do you keep all of your pills individually wrapped? Or do you have bottles of pills? Personally, I have used bottles my entire life. Never had a problem. Pills would not come in bottles at all if there would be problems with sterility.

Also, yeah I'm on ZS.