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Originally Posted by goat daddy View Post
I was hoping for more on bows as firearms were not one of the options. I'm getting ready to put a bow at the cabin. Thinking compound over recurve. I will start with 1/2 each of carbon, glass and aluminum. A dozen broad heads and field points. A hand full of knocks, inserts and vanes. Even a small hand fletching jig. I'll finish sighting in the scope the nagant and a single shot 22. I will find one of my single shot shotguns, with a couple of spare barrels and should be set. the cabin just needs to be ready for a blizzard and a months stay
2 rifles and a shotgun with a couple of spare barrels for a month should be more than sufficient. If this is about archery season where your cabin is located, I would go with a compound bow . ( Have hunted with both and a decent compound bow is the better tool during archery season)

Have no idea if the compound bow would be considered a " primitive" weapon. ( The M14 service rifle has been around d longer than the compound bow has.) Your Nag ant is quite a bit older than either.