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Originally Posted by randkl View Post
I was giving YOU the benefit of the doubt in assuming you were young and didn't quite understand the topic. I edited my post to you three or four times before I posted exactly enough to express my opinion without insulting you.

You seem to have a bit of a prob telling those two words apart. "Aim" and "point".

In response to your question, you "pattern" a barrel with a specific ammo to get an idea of the "PATTERN" that that combo will give. You are working towards finding an acceptable "PATTERN" at a specific range with a specific type of ammo. If the "PATTERN" is too open or too ragged, you "PATTERN" a diff ammo/barrel combo until your "PATTERN" is acceptable. Yes, close in home defense range, you will want a decently tight "PATTERN"....but home defense range is only one small aspect of a "SHOTGUN". A single slug will always be better at that range. If all you want is a single deciding hit, there is no point to using anything else. Buck shot is intended to "SPREAD"....that's why it's seperate pellets. You "PATTERN" your buck to make sure it spreads enough but not TOO MUCH to ruin your "PATTERN". Am I getting that point across? Ok, let's go the opposite direction now. A "SHOTGUN" is a firearm meant to shoot "SHOT". "SHOT" is a bunch of individual little pellets that allow you to hunt/shoot small, moving, hard to hit animals called "BIRDS". A "SHOTGUN" shoots a large amount of little pellets that makes an acceptable "PATTERN" in that it spreads enough to assure a decent hit probability while still maintaining an acceptable kill potential. That, again, is why you "PATTERN" your gun/ammo selection ahead of time.

Shotgun beads are intended for one purpose....they tell you where the muzzle is "POINTING". Nothing more. Without a back sight, you are POINTING it. "AIMING" requires two sighted in points of reference to target a specific point of aim. POINTING means you point the barrel at the target and rely on your PATTERN to make the kill. A bead is simply to catch your eye as fast as possible and to let you sight down the barrel. Try it. You'll be surprised. That's why so many folks like glow beads, light fiber beads, white beads, ivory beads etc. In a lot of cases, aftermarket beads/sights will actually be so large they obscure the target. Again, the front bead on a shotgun is simply to catch your eye and let you know where the muzzle is pointing. You sight down the barrel. That vent rib so many shotguns have these days? Same thing. You use it to point the muzzle by sighting down the barrel. Same goes for white center stripes (anyone remember those?). A lot of hunters simply wrap a half inch wide piece of reflective tape in a full circle around the muzzle. Same idea. A lot of tactical shotgun shooters also hold the gun sideways with the ejection port pointing brace the butt under your arm, not shouldered. You sight down the barrel same as before.

Yes, I fully understand the joke part about "pointing a shotgun and it'll clear a room" and all that bull****. I agree, it is bull****. Rice, above, knows enough about shotguns to joke about it. Rice, above, also knows enough to know that shotguns are intended to throw a spreaded pattern to cover an area, not to target one small point of aim. He mentioned slugs. Remember, the OP asked about a 28" bird hunting barrel. In that case, you don't even point AT THE learn to point at where it WILL BE and put your pattern onto that area.

You "POINT", you do not "AIM" a shotgun. To AIM requires two sighted in points of ref and a single projectile that will hit that point of aim. You can NOT sight in a bead nor can you sight in a shotgun pattern.

Apologies on the typos. Hands are giving me fits this morning. Apologies on the delay on this one, too. Lots of farm work here this time of year and I'm working my butt off.
I think we may be arguing semantics. The physical function is identical.

The presence of a rear sight or not doesn't change the fact that you're aligning your dominant eye with the barrel and front bead, after all. In rifle shooting one establishes a front sight focus just the same. That is aiming. Front sight focus on target in line with your focus.

"Aim" and "point" as you describe them are practically indistinguishable to my reading. When I shoot a shotgun, my scout rifle, or an AR, my body mechanics and eye motions are the same. I have done CQB combat courses while in the military. I learned true point shooting. It does not include a true visual of the front sight. Mind you, I'm not pulling the actual differences in the terms out of my ass, they come from pros and firearms instructors.

I've got trap trophies. I'm a little less clueless than most. Im 30 with years of shooting in competition and the military. Pro instruction included. Everyone's got their own mileage.