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Originally Posted by fragout View Post
Nice pics.

A few questions.....

Are any of the rifles in your photos sporting the factory supplied rings that sell with the rifle?

Either way.....what are your impressions of thier factory supplied rings?

Who made the aftermarket stock for your TC Compas?

I have been impressed with thier TCR22 so far. Reliable and especially accurate right out of the box.

No rings from factory. Only bases. Single slot weavers.

Rings on .308 are Warne
Rings/rails on 6.5 are Leupold
The reason is I try to match rings/rails to get front bell as close to barrel as possible.

Boyd makes the aftermarket stock. It’s nice, fit 10/10 : finish 8/10 (drop in is never custom)

The only other change I’ve made is the bolt handles. Wanted more weight and a larger knurled knob (preference)

Both rifles are using the SIG BDX system.
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