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Originally Posted by Debx36 View Post
Is it bad I'm almost excited for one to happen? I mean... if it's the antigun left vs the progun right, itll be like shooting ducks in a barrel

For self defense purposes only. But, life is just too bland. Needs more spice
Old saying: "be careful what you wish for, you may get it."

History shows that once a full scale civil war gets started the outcome is unpredictable.

Also, consider what it actually takes to win a war. You can win most battles and still lose the war. Winning the battles on the street against AntiFa, the snowflakes and such like may be easy. But to actually win the war the leadership must be defeated and they will not be out on the streets with a gun. They will be setting in offices behind their desks continuing to work toward their goals of overthrowing the government and constitution. Think about teachers, professors, politicians, lawyers, judges, media, and a whole list of billionaires. Leave them in place and in another few decades there will new generations of AntiFa and snowflakes and we will be in the same situation with the left trying to take over. They will never give up.

Are you willing to walk into those offices and remove those problems?

I am not a proponent but I think a civil war is coming. Timing and which cause of many are unknown.
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