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Default Ruger LCP II Quick Review

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Just picked up an LCP II today to use as a summer pocket CCW. Paid $269 and picked up a couple boxes of .380 including a box of Hornady Critical Defense for carry.

Fired a total of 55 rounds so far, 50 FMJ and 5 rounds of the Hornady. Not much I know but unfortunately I ran out of money. All rounds fired at approx. 20'. First couple mags I was a little low left, but quickly got used to it and consistently hit close to center target the rest of the way. No malfunctions of any kind! The trigger is awesome, very smooth. Feels very Glock like to me with the trigger blade safety, and has about a 6# break. Recoil was negligable and very easy to score center hits with double tap point shooting at that range. Unlike the gen 1 LCP, this one will lock the slide back after the last round. It came with a pocket holster, and my only complaint is that it tended to come out of my pocket with the gun sometimes on draw. I suspect it will get looser the more I use it. Would have been nice if it came with an extra mag, but I can always pick one up. It did come with two mag floor plates, a flat plate and one with a little flare to rest your ring finger and get a decent two finger grip.

Overall I am very happy! This is a sweet little piece at a good price and will make a great summer pocket gun and a nice alternative to my S&W 642.

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