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Default 8N tractors

Originally Posted by oldandcrotchety View Post
After reading it, I only had one small nit-pick, and even then I'm not sure, because I've never been in that part of the country. But around here in my part of Arkansas, there are hundreds of old 8N Ford tractors, still in use. I have one myself. If the '59 Edsel and the old Mustang and VWs still ran, then so would all the old 40s and early 50s model gas tractors. I have a pick-up bed trailer that pulls behind it. With the installation of a couple of bench seats we have a mini-bus, and in 4th gear the 8N will go pretty fast down the road. Maybe 20-25 MPH. Just seemed to me the author overlooked this available transport. Excellent book, though. I just have a tendency to nit-pick.
No real problem with your nit-picking. That area of Buncombe County where the story takes place is losing farmland all the time. Yankees move in and zoning soon follows! I would guess in the whole of Black Mtn., there are maybe less than five of the 8N's you describe!

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