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You don't want the exhaust gas too cool before it is vented otherwise the creosote will start to condense out of it and stick to the walls of the chimney
No big deal. I run my stove through 30 feet of pipe before it leaves my house. Exhaust is down to 80-100 most of the time. I just clean my chimney a couple times a winter. All that lost head is lost inside my house, making it vastly more efficient than short run chimneys.

I dont know why more people are not that interested in the rocket stoves
Because most people want a fire you can set and will hold a fire overnight. Unless its a rocket mass stove your either constantly feeding it or starting new fires all the time. When its cold I may start one fire and keep it burning for two or three months continuously. Since wood is several times cheaper than other methods its connivence that people care about in wood stoves more than efficiency. For instance, I would take a 50% decrease in efficiency if I could double the time between feedings on my stove....and that would only cost me a couple hundred dollars a year.

And the mass stoves require the space and a house designed for them so aren't an option for most people, even if you only have to make a couple fires a day. As a high maintenance, short term emergency or cooking stove they would be fine but I as someone who as heated elusively with wood for 30 years I wouldn't tolerate the work to keep them going.