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Originally Posted by ljcygnet View Post
Huh. Bobcat's that high again? They're everywhere around here. Arizona's trapping laws are a PITA but I know quite a few people who go after them with a .22 and an electronic caller and get furs that way.

I have a low-level hatred of bobcats and wouldn't be averse to thinning out the local population a bit with some added financial incentive. I have a few bobcat stories when it comes to bobcats and goats, and bobcats and dogs.

Need to see about getting a rabies vaccination for myself before doing that, though, just to cover my bases. We're having a rabies outbreak here. Hrmmmm.
Bobcat are one of the few predators you can consistently catch in cage traps. They will enter tall, narrow cages, thinking it will protect them from larger predators like coyotes.

Top prices paid for prime cats, with large spotted bellies, have reached $1,000 at fur auctions over the last three years.
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