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Originally Posted by Idaho Survivalist View Post
I've been preparing for 50 years and nothing much has happened.
In my life lots of stuff has happened. Those that I was prepared for had better outcomes than those that hit me out of the blue. But there has been a lot of unnecessary preps that never got used or barely got used. Especially those that depend on special circumstances for instance; emergency medical supplies. I rarely have needed any that I prep since I am a careful individual. Though they are of the common sort and not what a medical practitioner might anticipate. I never expect to have to treat dozens of injuries. Nor would it make sense to go overboard. First aid only.

The thing is you can not always know the outcome of things you avoided or handled before they happened. Because you are a attentive driver you notice the car drifting into your lane far enough ahead to ensure that a collision does not occur. Because you think about the hazards of water across a road you do not drive into a flooded area and get washed away. Because you put up extra food and items necessary to be comfortable after a storm you get by with minimal discomfort. Because you plan ahead you are prepared.

It has been mentioned many times before but the things of survival are:

It makes no sense to have more than you need of one of these items while missing any of the rest.
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