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Greetings from Minnesota. Currently I live in the suburbs but I've been planning to move to greener pastures for years now. I've been out to South Dakota only a couple handful of times but fall more and more in love with it each visit.

For the most part Minnesota is too liberal for me and that's probably saying a lot as a right leaning moderate. Also economy. There are plenty of jobs as long as you live within an hour of the cities but ideally I'd like more freedom that a rural environment provides, like being able to shoot destructive garden varmints or raise chickens on my own property, yet live within an hour or less commute from work.

I've largely only seen the Eastern portions of the state. Dell Rapids seemed like a nice quiet town within easy reach of Souix Falls. My uncle lived in Yankton but passed away in September. It's a part of the state that reminded me most of Minnesota. Even Souix Falls being a metro area is not nearly as condensed as many of the suburbs in Minnesota and the people of your state seem a lot more pleasant and courteous.

I've racked my brain looking for things not to like about South Dakota. Researched venomous snakes and spiders but it seems identicle to Minnesota's deadly critters if not less. I don't see a lot of lakes or woodlands unless traveling further south. Google maps shows a lot of rivers though. I like to fish, being out in nature is where I feel closest to God.

So I guess I'm looking for information, good and bad before I commit to moving. Within the next year I will have a diploma in welding and metal fabrication if that helps narrow down my criteria for work. My oldest will be eighteen but I have three other kids, so where are some of the best schools?

It'll be at least couple years before I do this because though I could settle for a house in a small quiet town, I would prefer plenty of land to do as I please. Build a cabin, garden and can my own food, stable horses, whatever I feel up to basically. Even so, I'd like recommendations on locations to scout out and see for myself as the wife and I take trips out there a couple times every year planning our future.