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I make perfect grits every single time in my instant pot. I have found one of the biggest things is to get good quality STONE GROUND grits. I then use 2 1/4 cups water and 1/2 cup grits (makes two decent sized servings). I then add salt, pepper and a half stick of butter after stirring the grits. Then I cook them on high pressure for 10 minutes and do a quick pressure release. I let them sit for a few mins to cool down which also helps to release the thin layer of grits stuck to the bottom of the bowl. Then I stir the grits vigorously for a minute or so with a whisk to get them well mixed and try to get out any lumps. Then it is just pour or scoop them out and serve. I consistently get the best grits I've ever tried every single time. It makes this whole process crazy easy and fast.
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