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Originally Posted by surfcast View Post
I follow what you're saying, a tank situation, would be hard for me to use. I will check out that link for gov site that you provided. The 6092 filter would be safe for, a post nuclear
attack. Providing that the radioactive fall out, had decayed to a certain level. With the exception, that I actually survived the initial attack. Were I am located now, would be a fraction of 1 %. And that is an optimistic out look!

I’m not saying you need SCBA, I’m not even saying you need a 6092. All you really need is a dust/particulate filter. A 3M 2097 P100 w/Nuisance-level Organic vapor relief would be more than adequate.

To be honest... even that is probably overkill and you wouldn’t even need to wear it long-term. If your concern is radiation sickness or other acute health effects, you don’t need respiratory protection at all. Even immediately, post attack.

If your concern is long-term effects... it’s highly unlikely the internal dose you would receive from inhaled particulates that resuspend while walking around, working, etc... will be more significant than the dose your body is being pelted with from all of the other particulates that are still on the ground. While radioactive materials *inside* your body can do more damage, there is so much more stuff outside your body hitting you with gamma radiation that it becomes akin to spitting during a monsoon. Even once the fallout has decayed to relatively “safe” levels, that proportion doesn’t change.

So here’s the bottom line... if you’re talking about a significant attack that “breaks” society, the long-term benefit you’re going to receive from wearing the mask likely won’t make a difference. Statistically you will be infinitely more likely to die of some other cause than a radiologically-induced cancer. If it’s a smaller-scale attack that might allow recovery and relocation... then maybe it makes sense to wear a mask.