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Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
from your link "U.S. pandemic planning envisioned the possibility of using CPAP machines for milder cases of COVID-19 when ventilators are in short supply. But evidence suggests that the machines, commonly used by people with sleep apnea, can aerosolize and possibly spread the virus."

Here's hint CDC - the chicom flu is aerosolized and that's how it SPREADS. Duct tape, 2" flex hose to CPAP mask and to a bucket of water.
Problem is a CPAP maxes out at 10 of water, so a higher water column than this is going to add lbackpressure to the lungs. And 10 isnt going to get you good filtering , even with a huge diffuser ( which would also increase back pressure.

Would a P100/n-95 filter be an option? Yes, but the NIOSH certification measures performance at 35mm (1.5), which is below typical CPAP pressures.

The hazard of CPAPs in a airborne. Pandemic was recognized over a decade ago. Weve had a waver in AL to reduce the EMS standard of care in such cases. Its not so much for the EMTs protection, but a CPAP could contaminate the entire compartment, including the insides of cabinets, its not impossible the unit would be out of service for hours, and many of the medical supplies would have to be trashed.