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Yeah, just a comment on hypocrisy and diversity lies.

* The left holds out as heroes, folks based PURELY on diversity when lecturing the rest of the world about being blind to color and sex.

* How about the race liars like that white lady from Washington going around getting ahead claiming to be black, or Senator Warren who has hijacked and gain success her entire career lying about being a native American?

* The entire gender confusion with all of the secondary problems it creates is maddening.

* Carbon emissions. We all know is a big scam by the rich and powerful who individually consume more in a day than a family of 4 does in a year. A favorite example is when Obama flew with his usual entourage to the Everglades to lecture about carbon footprints, or when he took several airplanes of entourage to the Paris climate change nonsense. Or the elites like DiCaprio who jetset around the globe lecturing America on carbon use.
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