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Originally Posted by Chuckleberry View Post

I won't use mine if I have a head cold anymore. I've done it twice & both times got pneumonia & other crud in my lungs. The 1st time I didn't really put it together, but after the 2nd time I realized that the machine was pushing the crud in my sinuses down into my lungs. I've had a few head colds since & I just slept in the recliner at 45 degree or higher incline. I don't get as good of sleep, but I also don't get pneumonia. If you don't have any sinus congestion, then it may help, but if you do have a stuffed up head, I don't recommend it.

Key is keeping the unit CLEAN. I use one of the ozone generator devices daily. I won't say the brand, but my primary care doc recommended it and Tricare paid for it. Safety tip, remove the elastic headgear from the mask before placing it in the unit, otherwise the ozone will disintegrate the elastic.
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