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Originally Posted by Hick Industries View Post
I just measured the soil temp here in eastern Ok. The temp at 1/2" is 80F and at 2" is 75F. I have already planted my potatoes and onions.
But its still March for crying out lould. It cant be time to plant sweet corn, green beans, or tomatoes.

I have not lived here long enough to predict the last frost date. The trees have just started flowering and the white oaks have just started to produce leaves, but this still seems to be very early.

Can folks with more experience in this area help out, by suggesting a planting time for tender plants like sweet corn, and green beans.
My grandmas BD was April 18. We always planted near her BD. Maybe that seems late, but I got burned going early a couple years ago when there was a flood, hail, then a late frost. I lost everything. My BD is April 15, now I don't plant before that date.
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