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Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
I missed the wholesale change in allegiance of the Western progs from Moscow to Peking. Now very obvious with the current chicom flu rampant as they parrot the CCP line. Mainstream media down to this forum's house libs.

When and how did this occur? I think I missed it. The whole Confucius Institute crap on college campus was pathetic but can always expect college "educators" to jump on any marxist fad that comes along passing out trinkets and a few $.

The progs stuck with the Russians all the way thru the great melt down, corrupt "capitalism" experiment, and resurgent KGB/Putin. The left stuck with the Russian love in even after the KGB stopped passing $ out to them.

Did exactly did they abandon the Russians? When they went all in for Czar Putin? Or was it when the Russian Orthodox Church was allowed out of the gulag? The left does hate them some religion. Evidence is the recent Russians ate my homework meme used to bash Pres Trump. The Russians did it, the Russians did it.

Very clear that the left now LOVES the CCP/chicoms WAY more than the Russians. As their love has always been substantially about the cash, have to assume the chicoms are passing out piles of it.
Ideologically some of the left has always been aligned with the former USSR and China.

The thing is, past trade deals made Red China heavily industrialized and modernized at an extremely accelerated pace.

We made them rich but most importantly and an often overlooked fact is besides making them rich we also made them a massive consumer market.

Like US businesses, US politics also operate on the premise "Money talks, bull**** walks."

A small initial investment lead up to essentially a favored status in trade, they have made a ton of cash.

Cash which is then turned around to buy influence both in business and politics.

There's always a chicken and the egg type argument on whether business leads politics or politics leads business but it doesn't matter a money is the universal lubricant that powers both machines.

There is definitely Chinese money in global politics as well as business.

Case in point: that in the past 15 or 20 years Hollywood/ Film making have been heavily catering to Chinese audiences and will go to such lengths to even censor domestic products to align with Chinese policy.

Because China has turned into such a huge consumer market, non-chinese businesses are often strong armed into complying with Chinese culture and regulations to either stay viable or to even be let into their market.

China really isn't the problem at the end of the day.

The way our government legislates and allows foreign money and lobbying is the problem. It all started with the government in the first place by enabling them to gain great wealth in which to buy more global influence both politically and business wise.

So if you watching CNN or some other **** like Disney and wonder why there's a lot of pro Chinese messaging or lack of coverage on certain events pertaining to China or why certain politicians will defend them on a whim, there's a good chance a Chinaman has his hand up their ass just puppeteering them and feeding them talking points and literal propaganda.
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