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Originally Posted by slackercruster View Post
If the long Glock mag will get in the way then the SP5 must really be too big for the car.

Depends... I would store a traditional pistol differently in a vehicle than I would a braced pistol. That being said, Iíd prefer the compactness of the Glock over shoving a 33 rounder in it. And if it is too long, what about the 24s?

I tend to have a handgun on me at all times... whether Iím in uniform and going to/coming from work or just on my hip while off duty. Only time I donít carry is when I leave the country... and as it sits now, Canada is closed. Stowing a Glock in my truck really isnít beneficial... unless I want an extra handgun for whatever reason (give to someone when they are unarmed, etc). I have been putting my AR pistol in my truck, but if Iím running out lately with the stay at home situation (grabbing milk or food)... I wonít take it. Too cold up here, as batteries die when left in the truck. Add in the fact that the range has been covered in snow, I really havenít been able to zero the pistol well enough that I would not pull it unless it was on par with North Hollywood.