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NOTE: Corona virus pneumonia is identified by a dry cough with no runny nose.

The new Corona virus may not show signs of infection for days. So how can one know if he/she is infected? By the time an infected person has contracted a fever and/or cough and needs hospital attention, the lung is usually in a state of 50% Fibrosis and it's too late to take preventive measures. Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that can be performed each morning. Take a deep breath and hold it. If you can do that successfully for more than 10 seconds without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, etc., it indicates there is no Fibrosis in the lungs, and basically indicates no infection. It would be a good idea to perform this self-check every morning in an environment of clean air.
Having looked a little deeper, the MSM failed to inform us of the real medical issue - fibrosis in the lungs. Fatalities are one thing, but this virus involves a dry cough instead of a typical phlegm filled wet cough. In some, this does damage to the lungs, leaving scars and reduced lung function for the rest of your life.
Okay, quarantine sounds reasonable.
This new virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 79 to 82F (26-27C). It is susceptible to direct sunlight. So this should be a short term event.

Hope this helps
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