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Originally Posted by Idaho Survivalist View Post
Why is it our business to have any bases in any of those countries? How would we feel if China had military bases in a location on both our coasts. Why don't we mind our own business?
Iraq invaded Kuwait, and was likely to invade Saudi Arabia next.
And he was committing genocide by gassing the Kurds.
And there were reports they were developing nuclear weapons.

The UN inspectors were getting thrown out and Saddam was being belligerent.

So the first war was to set some boundaries and remove them from Kuwait.

The second one was driven by the PNAC plan, which had no reason, other than PNAC's goal of Empire. The yellow vial of enriched uranium nonsense served as the excuse, and UN US demands for more inspections. Sadaam was an idiot and refused the inspections and inexplicably kept bragging about his military might.

once we invaded, the reason for the war changed to whatever they could say to cover the absence of WMDs. "It was to liberate the people there, it was to fight terror over there instead of at home, and also to prevent the genocide of the Kurds as Iraq would not respect the UN sanctioned "No-Fly zone" set up to prevent the extermination of the Kurds. Actually decent reasons, but was not the original justification for the war. Only that they refused nuke inspectors was the original reason for war.

Why are we the policemen now? Because we are the only power capable of it, and because orderly flow of oil to the world is vital to the global economy and well being of our fellow inhabitants of Earth.

If we leave The middle east entirely What do you think will happen?

Iran and maybe Russia and China will quickly seize the entire region.
That would be very bad for the West.

The part where I think we are really off base, is imposing sanctions on Russia and even Iran.
This really put them under pressure to take military actions. it is the first shots of war, and we are the ones starting it.
And it causes suffering of the poor in those sanctioned countries.

It basically makes peace impossible. Our Deep State absolutely required the US to impose those sanctions.
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