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I have one of the primal gear unlimited folding bows (50#), (also I have a used Oneida) went shooting last friday (first time with both, and first time shooting at all in 5-6 yrs, and since 1993 for any real shooting)

I was shocked at how "good" I was with the PGU vs the Oneida. The Oneida was just not set up right yet, it will be nice in time I'm sure. The PGU bow was simply on target far better, and I like the instinctive shooting over sight pins.

Only bad thing to say about the PGU was the felt rest started to peel off and tore a feather off an arrow. Otherwise I am impressed with that folding bow...I'm sure a take down recurve would be "better" shooting wise (comfort, etc) But as crude and soulless as the PGU looks, it shoots well.
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