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Originally Posted by mousepad1123 View Post
i am wondering about muzzle brakes for my IO inc. ak47c. it has a tapco slanted brake on it right now, but i was wondering about better options. also, if i were to shoot the gun without any muzzly brake, what would happen? would i destroy the crown, or would it just make a bigger flash and jump higher? thanks a lot.
There is several options available for the AK 47 when it comes to breaks. I personally use a J-tac and love it.

Also, more than likely your break is used as a 922r compliance part. So I if you plan on replacing it, make sure you do so with a U.S. made unit. As for shooting your rifle without a shouldn't hurt the crown but it will be loud and or bonce around more.

FYI: the slant break is designed for a full auto AK47.