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Originally Posted by Disturbed70 View Post
If you are talking about a pistol, I'll call BS on that all day long. A silver dollar is 1.5 inches across. Even the best match-grade 1911's that can reliably shoot a group that size at 25 yds are extremely rare, and they aren't doing it with Tula ammo. The X-ring on a B8 target is 1.695 inches across...about 0.2 inches larger than a silver dollar. The number of human beings alive that can reliably shoot 100 10x at 25 yds, with a handgun, is miniscule. NONE of them are doing it with a HiPoint, and NONE of them are doing it with Tula ammo.

Considering that I regularly shoot 1 inch pasters at 10 yds, with a stock Glock, and many of the shooters in the class were doing the same, I can assure you it wasn't the shooters.
One shot groups.
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