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I've got little dime and quarter sized tomatoes happening. Put out fifty tomato plants, several different varieties, and I am trying to be proactive about preventing BER this season.

Got a few questions:

1 - Has anyone found a good source of calcium that is easily absorbed by tomatoes?

2 - Anyone ever used Epsom Salts?

3 - I've heard everything from low-fat powdered milk to busting up gypsum from dry wall and mixing it with water. Anyone ever tried anything along those lines that worked?

4 - I've heard that liming in advance helps - but I forgot to do that this year. Also heard that planting with a Tums or Rolaids or egg shells helps ... but I did not do that either.

What are your tomato growing secrets?

I'm looking for something to side dress with.

Oh yeah, I've got a ton of peppers out too and should treat them basically the same as the tomatoes - right?