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Originally Posted by tkdguy View Post
1. A roll of quarters
2. A cane, strike below the lenth of a man's arm length on his leg.
3. Or, a surf casting fishing poll handle.
4. Metal extention paint roller handle
5. Metal flute of 18"
6. Rock in a sock.
7. Replacement hammer handle-wood or fiberglass.
8. Walking stick or staff.
9. Metal extending hiking staff==like a ski pole.
10. Be very physically fit to begin with.
11. Watch a man's eyes, chest and foot steps--they lead the attack. Right handed people move (in general with their rear right foot) with their right foot-so you move to the opposite side and attack.
That is it for now.

But, add a excellant radar and street smarts to avoid any confrountations. Oh, I forgot. A tightly rolled up magazine like "Newsweek" works great, and it can be taped tightly as well but does not need to be in a clinch. Or, a "bic" pen or sharpened wooden pencil--strike into the neck, face or leg.
Lol, I have an inkling you have served time.