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Exclamation Minimalist Challenge #1

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Your challenge should you choose to accept it, is to spend one night outdoors with your Get-Home-Bag GHB. Please read this post and use the Minimalist Challenge Questions thread for questions, comments, and suggestions.

  • Always dress appropriately for your climate and weather conditions
  • Always follow the rules in your area regarding campfires, digging, and cutting trees. Practice LNT
  • You are always allowed to carry First-Aid-Kit FAK, Every-Day-Carry EDC, and navigational aids, and enough water as you see fit
  • Outdoors does not necessarily mean wilderness, just get outside in your chosen envrionment, wilderness, park, public land, backyard, rooftop, or urban setting if you so choose
  • Be SAFE and follow all laws, rules, guidelines for your area
  • THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD! Post results and pics/videos only, and try to keep to one post, no bantering or trolling. Moderators please help with this, thx

Spend one night outdoors with your GHB. If this were an actual scenario you might want to leave straight from work, provided you have your GHB with you and spend the night in the outdoors.

If you don't have a GHB, you can still play, but you have to fill a walmart sack (standard size) with some of your camping gear and go. Try not to spend more than 15 minutes getting this together. Clock is ticking...

Work on night vision by limiting use of flashlights and torches. Try to identify different sounds in your environment, and maybe a constellation or two. Try to keep your activities fairly stealth, but not too obvious.

Show and tell photo of your campsite/gear

Post your experience, contents of your GHB, and pictures/video of your experience, and lessons learned and possible changes/recomendations to your GHB. Quote the results template to make this easier, remove the quote tags, and provide your responses. Thanks.