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Hughes satellite, even the slower generations, will be a big step up from DSL. I've been on it since 2009. (My BOL doesn't even have DSL, and there's zero cell signal down in my holler!).

Ignore the nay-sayers. Hughes works just fine, unless you are addicted to streaming video. If you've been on DSL, you're not. Only trouble I've had, aside from losing signal during heavy rain or the dish getting coated with snow, is that they weren't too good about replacing a failed modem under warranty. Some jerk in their service dept. tried to palm off a used modem as replacement, and it was DOA. That's it. Eight years now. As far as FAP goes, I've spent hours downloading software when setting up new computers, and have never gotten even close to being throttled. Only 24/7 video addicts or gamers would complain about that.

It costs me $60 a month. I paid out about $300 for the dish and the modem in 2009. Supplied my own post for the dish mount. Just a length of galvanized pipe set in concrete. You need a clear view to the south.

If you come in as a new subscriber, and want the fastest new-generation service, it's a little more. I'm told that the latest and greatest will support streaming video, but I've refused to upgrade. Video is the worst time-waster going, after gaming.

Put a battery-backup on your modem. I use an APC 860. Good protection against lighting transients from the grid. Also bridges short dropouts, which for some reason I get every month or two.

BTW last time I looked, nobody but Hughes had satellites up. Other names selling satellite are just rebranding Hughes' bandwidth.

Oh, I forgot....this summer I had trouble with persistent low signal. Local service tech nailed it right away. After all these years, tiny insects had gotten into the antenna waveguide and died there. Ten minute cleanout and all is golden again. Service call was $60. He showed up the same day I called.