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I am so glad I don't live in a country where you are not allowed to defend yourself!! I don't like everything in the US, but 2A is on top of the list of things I do like. Not even allowed pepper spray?! WTF?!

I got into a huge argument with the sister of my best friend in Germany a few months ago on a visit. She told me she thinks nobody should be allowed to own guns. I asked her how she would defend herself if she needed to. She had no good answer to that. She went as far as saying she would visit Syria (WTF???) before she ever set foot in the US. Not half an hour later she worried about her teenage daughter walking home alone.
You can't win an argument with people like that. They are just incapable of thinking rationally.

(funny thing, her sister, my friend, told me later that her husband has a gun license and owns a few, but she made me promise not to tell her sister :-)
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