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Originally Posted by AK103K View Post
Numbers always look good, until it comes down to actually doing something.

Not saying there wont be resistance, and I certainly hope there is. Just dont be surprised if the number you think is showing up, turns out to be a LOT less than what you actually get.
people use the 3% because that's the number they say is the lowest possible # that the revolutionary war was fought with. (As I'm sure you know)
I wouldn't get on 10% of that.

Remember 9/11?
How many of them were there?

How many people shooting at transformers would it take to put the lights out?

And thats going to be the number you get to "start" with, dont count on it holding as things get warm.

Very true. That's why 'leaderless resistance ' is such a good idea.

Went through something similar (and it wasnt even on this sort of level) in the 90's with some people, and it turned out, the toughest, tough guy, big mouth talkers, were the ones missing when things started to get warm and people were really needed to show up.

And how!

I sat up the night before we flew out of 29 palms because 'that guy' was crying like a baby about going to Iraq to get shot at.

(He DID end up getting blown up and then commuting suicide when the VA wouldn't help him, so.....)

Of course, when things calmed down, and the heat was off, they were right back to being the tough-talking big mouths and tough guys. Learned a lot from that.

Just make sure you REALLY know who has your back.
You can count the people you can count on on the thumbs of one hand.

But back when I was a lowly nonrate:
I had a plan that I had gone around and looked at to spike all the vehicles in motor T and mess up the dial on the vault the weapons were in.

When it failed it took 3 days for the locksmith to drill it out. I know, I got to stand part of the 24 hour guard

One lowly Marine could of left a company with no weapons and no vehicles.... for a minimum of 3 days.

You think there aren't Marines like that out there right now?

EXCELLENT CHANCE I would not of been found out.

The only ones you can really count on, are those that helped you bury the bodies. Seriously!

As far as "going Gault" anymore, I think thats getting to be a lot more difficult. Maybe on a very small scale in the right places, but even here in the hinterlands, more and more, most dont even carry cash, and everyone has a smartphone and Book Face is a lifestyle.
smartphones will be the biggest problem. But plenty of people with cash, gold, silver etc. and people trade...

Maybe go Amish, that way you can use religion as an excuse (for the time being) not to have to do what everyone else is doing, and the illusion youre not a threat.

Im betting you'd look good in a bowl cut, beard, and straw hat though.

And what is that thing there on a tripod you got there in the back of your wagon son?
I'm pretty well off the active list, at this point I'm just going to give away my guns and ammo and fade away into the hills.

OTOH: Catch me on a bad day....
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