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Originally Posted by AK103K View Post
Put 50 people in a room under threat, and then very openly and blatantly brutalize just one of them as an example, and how many of the remaining 49 will cave? And you dont even have to use violence, just ask the IRS, theyve been doing it for decades.
all the smart ones.

But how many will be waiting for you in the dark outside your door?
3% of 330 mil is a.large number.

How many here still "allow" the IRS to dock you wages every paycheck? Enjoying the fruits of your labor without giving any of it up, is a "right" too.
how.many people 'go gault' and either work for cash or do the self employed/write off thing?

Answer: more than 3%

This isnt some sort of new thing, its been going on since the giddy up. The Germans and a few others have made very good use of it in the past 100 years alone, and it was very effective.

The Germans in WWII are also a very good and well-documented example of how things work. There was "resistance", but it was basically at the level of an annoying fly in the whole scheme of things.

If you let things get to the point you need to actually use them, youve waited to long.
Your right, but again:
3% of 330,000,000 = 9,900,000
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