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Default Ilumaline™ Reflective GuyLine

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Illumaline™ is a reflective 1.8mm GuyLine that is perfect for tying out tarps and other light duty utility work. The line has a UHMWPE core and a polyester cover to assist in holding knots. Illumaline is sold in 50' lengths. If you order 2x you will receive 100 continuous feet.
  • 1.8mm
  • UHMWPE Core
  • Polyester Cover
  • 462 lb Breaking Strength
  • Available in Black or Yellow
  • 35.17g per 50'


Caution: Illumaline is not to be used for hammock suspensions or any application where personal injury could occur. Inspect Illumaline before each use and discontinue use and replace if fraying or excessive abrasion is apparent.