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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
Gasoline engines surge when running lean.

The resistance is probably OK given the accuracy of most meters. But if you are finding that it is going lower when warm, maybe it has an internal short. Place ice packs around it to keep the coil cold and see if that affects the running and resistance.

Are the fuel pressures correct?

If you leak a bit of propane from an unlit torch into the manifold does the idle stabilize?

Do you have a vacuum leak in the manifold? Check with vacuum guage?

Are the temperature sensors up to spec?

Where is the air mass sensor located? If upstream on a rubber plenum hose near the air filter, check for leaks and cracks in the hose that might allow air to infiltrate.

Are intake and exhaust Valve lash set correctly?

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If your meters are off by 1 ohm than you should stop buying junk meters...

The coil is not what the resistance is in reference too, i don't know where you got that from. Regulators, map, governor, all test good. This is a purpose built LP only engine using a speed density system to calculate fuel flow. The last thing i need to test is the O2, which i need my oscilloscope to look at which i didn't have today.

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