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Default Need help with tiller (Husqvarna DRT 900 Rear-Tine Tiller)

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I am trying to use my Husqvarna 900 DRT rear-tine tiller today for the first time in two years. I did manage to get it started this morning after consulting the poorly written user manual and playing around with some of the controls on it. But I don't know if I'm even using it properly.

It does till - no problem. The issue is that I don't know if I'm starting and using the engine properly. One thing that concerns me is that I might be running the engine with the choke in the wrong position. One time I did that by mistake with my Yamaha gas generator, and it messed up the carburetor.

Here are the startup instructions in the manual for the tiller:

- Place throttle control in "FAST" postion.
- Push fuel valve to "ON" position.
- Turn engine switch to "ON" position.
- Move choke control to full "CHOKE" position.
- Pull recoil starter handle.

I know where the throttle control is - it's on the handlebar of the tiller - so no problem there. And no problem with the recoil.

My problems are:

I don't where where the fuel valve is.

I don't know where the engine switch is.

I don't know where the choke is.

Here is a photo of the right-hand side of the tiller. Approximately in the center of the photo there are two things I can move (i.e., "controls"): a black rectangular thing and, above it, a white irregularly shaped plastic thing. Each of these things can be moved left and right. I'm pretty sure one of these two things is the choke. The other is probably the fuel valve or the engine switch. There is an icon molded into the plastic below the black rectangular thing, but even with aid of a magnifying glass I can't figure out what it means.

I can start the tiller and run it with the rectangular black thing and the white plastic thing positioned at their midpoints, but I'm pretty sure that's not the proper way to run the engine.

The engine dies if I move the white plastic thing all the way to the left.

The illustrations and text in the user manual don't explain any of this adequately.

Any advice?